Advanced technology to improve student safety during loading/unloading

Unlike other solutions on the market that rely on warning lights and ticketing stop arm violators, the Predictive Stop Arm helps prevent accidents from happening in the first place by assessing risk and warning students not to cross.

The Predictive Stop Arm uses patents-pending radar and predictive analytics technology to monitor oncoming vehicle traffic and assess danger to students. When the system identifies a likely stop arm violation it warns students to ‘get back’ to keep them out of harm’s way.

Protect Students from Illegal Stop Arm Violations with the Predictive Stop Arm

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One more accident is one too many

The quickest way to address risk to students outside the bus and to reach the goal of zero injury/fatality is to alert the students directly and keep them out of harm’s way.

Increase Danger Zone Safety

Bring together the value of mirrors, video sensors, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to increase safety where students are most at risk – crossing the street to get to and from the bus.

Warn Bus Drivers and Students Directly

Add another critical level of safety by alerting the bus drivers and students directly that it’s not safe to cross.

Analyze Risk with Patents-pending Radar and Artificial Intelligence

Knowing when a stop-arm violation is likely to happen helps reduce injuries as students don’t enter the roadway in the first place.

Minimize Driver Distraction

Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics help identify likely stop arm violations while deep learning models trained on hours of pre-recorded video footage reduce the number of false alerts.

Advanced Protection Features

  • Multi-level bus driver alerts
    An in-cab display offers multi-level visual alerts and an audible alert for bus drivers.
  • Verbal warning to students
    Loudspeakers mounted at the front of the bus play warning messages to students in danger.
  • Multi-lane traffic monitoring
    Radar monitors up to 3 lanes of traffic for likely stop arm violations.
  • Three operational modes
    Inactive, predictive & monitoring modes help minimize distraction and false alerts.
  • Customizable settings
    Adjust factory pre-set radar settings or load custom warnings using a user-friendly Web UI. Multi-language support.


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