An active safety solution

Proximity sensors for parking and blind spot detection to avoid collisions

Significantly increase operator safety, productivity, and peace of mind with intelligent proximity sensors that detect obstacles behind, alongside, and in front of the vehicle. Systems work on their own or integrate seamlessly with backup camera systems in work trucks, truck and trailers, and other vehicles to audibly alert drivers about obstacles.

Alert drivers to objects around the vehicle


Reduce collisions and save lives

Reduce accidents
& increase safety

Reduce blind spots, lower the risk of collision, and improve visibility all around the vehicle.

Improve productivity
& morale

Help operators do their jobs with confidence to retain employees and reduce downtime and lost revenue.

& customizable

Tough, commercial grade connections for long-lasting performance. Choose from wireless and wired options.

Tough, flexible, and long-lasting

  • Large detection zone
    When a potential obstacle is detected, an audio pulse alerts the driver. Pulse intensity increases, and the audio frequency changes as the vehicle backs closer to the obstacle. Select systems also feature visual alerts.
  • Tough, durable solution
    Waterproof and tough, our proximity sensors feature commercial grade connections and components. Systems often outlast vehicles. Multiple installation options.
  • Versatile options
    Choose from wired and wireless options. Standalone or integrated with cameras. Intelligent sensors ignore stationary and permanent objects.

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Wireless Sensors
Blind Spot Sensors