Safe Fleet

Safe Fleet is driven by the vision that Zero Safety Incidents is an achievable goal. To that end, Safe Fleet’s best-of-breed smart solutions form an integrated safety platform for fleets of every type – School Bus, Transit, Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Work Truck, Truck & Trailer, Construction, Agriculture, Waste & Recycling, Industrial, and Military.

With our broad portfolio of market-leading safety solutions, 1,700 employees, and 14 manufacturing locations across North America, also serving Europe, Asia and the rest of the globe, Safe Fleet continues to innovate and deliver the smart solutions that fleets will need to survive and thrive in a changing world—and ensure that drivers, passengers, first responders, in-the-field workers, and pedestrians arrive home safely.

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Seon is the leading manufacturer of video surveillance and fleet management solutions for school and transit buses. Independent research firm, IHS Group, has consistently ranked Seon as the #1 provider of mobile surveillance equipment to the bus and coach industry in their biennial report on the mobile surveillance industry for over a decade.

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Rear View Safety

Rear View Safety has become the fastest growing commercial backup camera system supplier on the market. Not just a reliable supplier of backup camera systems, Rear View Safety also provides a wide variety of other safety solutions, including driver fatigue systems, backup sensor systems, mobile DVR’s and dash cameras.

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FleetMind is the award-winning technology leader for “smart truck” fleet management solutions. Their FleetLink solutions for solid waste management have been successfully installed in thousands of vehicles across North America, enabling the industry’s top waste and recycling fleets to link their drivers and vehicles to business operations in real-time to ensure improved productivity, profitability, safety, sustainability, and customer service.

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Specialty Manufacturing

Specialty Manufacturing is the #1 brand in specialty safety equipment for school buses. Their stop arms, crossing arms, strobe lights, and driver alert signs help alert motorists of a stopped school bus, protecting the lives of students crossing the road.

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Transpec is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Along with Specialty Manufacturing, these brands are the leading providers of bus and mass transit stop arms, cross arms, step treads, roof hatches, and door mechanisms. The brands also produce a line of energy absorbing bumpers. Visit

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Located in Charlotte, NC, Pretoria Transit Interiors was established in 1994 to provide the mass transit market with innovative lighting, ducting and luggage rack systems. The company enjoys a vast network of distributors within the US and EU that provide service and aftermarket parts. Visit

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Safe Fleet Mirrors

Safe Fleet Mirrors provides the largest selection of mirror options specially designed for the Transit, Shuttle, Motorcoach and RV markets. They are the preferred OEM mirror vendor for Transit buses in North America.

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Prime Design

Prime Design has been the industry’s ergonomic leader since 1992, when they first introduced the concept of an ergonomic ladder rack. Based in West Saint Paul, MN, Prime Design is the leading innovator of ladder storage solutions for fleet vehicles. When loading a ladder, these solutions help reduce back and muscle strain while keeping feet safely on the ground.

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ROM Corporation

Since 1947, ROM has improved worker safety with the introduction of: roll up compartment doors, folding safety ramps, and automatic hose bed covers. Product solutions are primarily marketed to emergency responders and multi-temp trailer fleets.

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Bustin is a pioneer of slip-resistant walk surfaces. Since 1928, Bustin Industrial Products has produced innovative safety access equipment for companies like Lockheed Martin®, Mack Truck®, SYSCO Foodservice®, Merck and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Commercial truck fleets, as well as trailer manufacturers install Bustin solutions where secure footing and stability are fundamental to job performance such as on: fuel tank steps, deck plate, chassis frame ladders, sliding ramps, platforms, and stairs.

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For over 30 years, Randall has been manufacturing market-leading temperature control products for trailers in the foodservice delivery world. Access products, including walkramps, platforms, steps and ladders, are the latest additions to their respected line of offerings.

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Founded in 1968, Fire Research is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art equipment and solutions specifically designed for the fire, rescue, and emergency services market. Their innovative scene lighting, apparatus controls, instruments, displays, and accessories keep firefighters safe and effective as they head into danger.

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Elkhart Brass

Founded in 1902, Elkhart Brass is the fire equipment industry’s most experienced manufacturer of innovative firefighting and fire protection equipment. They manufacture more than 2,000 products used in virtually every aspect of firefighting. Their products are found in fire departments around the world, building systems, and off-shore drilling sites, as well as in military, marine and industrial firefighting applications.

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FoamPro is the world leader for foam proportioning systems. They offer fully-automatic foam proportioning systems, regardless of changes in flow or pressure. Numerous models and options are designed to meet unique requirements as encountered in municipal, wildland, marine, industrial, ARFF and CAFS applications.

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COBAN Technologies

COBAN Technologies is a leading provider of state-of-the-art in-car video systems, body cameras, and evidence management solutions for law enforcement and public safety communities. Since 2002, COBAN has worked with many of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country to deliver efficient, configurable, and end-to-end scalable solutions. Thousands of systems have been deployed by hundreds of police departments across the United States, ranging from small departments with a few vehicles, to large, multi-precinct cities such as City of Los Angeles and City of Chicago.

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American Van

Headquartered in Lakewood, NJ, American Van Equipment began manufacturing and supplying local companies with ladder racks and van shelving in 1978. American Van operates three showrooms, has a robust online presence at and mails millions of catalogs annually to contractors and business owners all across the United States, offering practical storage solutions for vans and trucks. Unlike most catalog/retailers, it also manufactures most of the products it sells.

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Backed by over 20 years of proven experience in the mobile surveillance field, the MobileView line provides advanced mobile surveillance and video management solutions.  Ranked as the transit industry’s #1 provider of video surveillance equipment, their systems protect more than 35,000 transit, bus and rail vehicles across the U.S., including many of the largest transit agencies in the world.


Mobile-Vision is a leading provider of equipment and systems for law enforcement agencies to capture, manage and communicate critical information in a safe and secure manner.  Since 1987, Mobile-Vision has been a one-stop shop for customers including in-car video, digital evidentiary video management systems, body-worn cameras, ruggedized mobile data computers, and license plate readers.  Mobile-Vision maintains a robust intellectual property portfolio including six domestic patents, five international patents, and several pending applications.

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Since 1992, Pulltarps has been providing innovative dump truck tarp systems, manufactured in the USA and customized to meet the need of their customers.


Founded in 1978, Roll·Rite® designs and manufactures state-of-the-art, automated tarp systems for the heavy duty trucking industry serving the Construction, Agriculture, Waste and Recycling markets. Their systems efficiently and reliably contain and protect payloads, create a safer working environment for drivers, and maximize return-on-investment by increasing revenues and reducing cost of ownership.

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