Safe Fleet

  • Employees = 1,100
  • Manufacturing locations = 10
  • Sales Team = 65
  • Core markets – Bus, Rail & RV, Truck & Trailer, Work Truck, Emergency, Waste, and Industrial & Military
  • Main Regions – North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia
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  • Employees = 103
  • Square Footage = 26,385
  • Core Markets – School and Transit Bus
  • Core solutions – mobile video surveillance (software and hardware); fleet management software
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Rear View Safety

  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY
  • Industries: RV, Bus, Work Truck, Truck and Trailer, Emergency, Agricultural
  • Core Solutions: Backup Cameras, Mobile DVR’s, Backup Sensors, Dash Cameras, Driver Fatigue Systems
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Specialty Manufacturing

  • Employees = 227
  • Square feet = 123,000
  • Core markets – school/transit bus and rail
  • Core solutions – stop and crossing arms, safety hatches, step treads, electric door mechanisms, strobe lights, energy absorbing bumpers, luggage racks, HVAC ducting, and isle lighting
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Transpec is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Along with Specialty Manufacturing, these brands are the leading providers of bus and mass transit stop arms, cross arms, step treads, roof hatches, and door mechanisms. The brands also produce a line of energy absorbing bumpers. Visit


Located in Charlotte, NC, Pretoria Transit Interiors was established in 1994 to provide the mass transit market with innovative lighting, ducting and luggage rack systems. The company enjoys a vast network of distributors within the US and EU that provide service and aftermarket parts. Visit

Safe Fleet Mirrors

Prime Design

  • Employees = 158
  • Square feet = 67,000
  • Core markets – work truck and utility/telecom
  • Core solutions –  ergonomic ladder racks
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ROM Corporation


  • Employees = 42
  • Core markets – food & beverage distribution, trucking, and industrial
  • Product solutions – Grating, walk ramps, crossovers, mobile ladders, safety handrails, and work platforms
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  • Employees: 110
  • Square Feet: 95,000
  • Core Markets: Food and Beverage Distribution, Trucking and Warehouses
  • Products: Trailer Curtains, Insulated Bulkheads, Center Divide Systems, Insulated Covers & Containers, Platforms, Walkramps, Steps, Ladders, Insulated Curtain Walls
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  • Employees = 150 (includes FoamPro)
  • Square feet = 55,000 (includes FoamPro)
  • Core markets – emergency
  • Core solutions – gauges, controls & electronics, scene lighting, foam systems
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Elkhart Brass

  • Employees = 202
  • Square feet = 90,000
  • Sales team – 15+
  • Core markets – Emergency, fire suppression
  • Core solutions – Handline nozzles, nozzle accessories, foam eductors, ground appliances, monitors (water cannons), master stream nozzles, apparatus valves, apparatus fittings, adapters, caps, & plugs, industrial systems, and industrial valves
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  • Employees = 150 (includes FRC)
  • Square feet = 55,000 (includes FRC)
  • Core markets – emergency
  • Core solutions – foam systems
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Located in Houston, TX, COBAN Technologies is a leading provider of state-of-the-art in-car video systems, body cameras, and evidence management solutions for law enforcement and public safety communities. Since 2002, COBAN has worked with many of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country to deliver efficient, configurable, and end-to-end scalable solutions.

American Van

Headquartered in Lakewood, NJ, American Van Equipment began manufacturing and supplying local companies with ladder racks and van shelving in 1978. American Van operates three showrooms, has a robust online presence at and mails millions of catalogs annually to contractors and business owners all across the United States, offering practical storage solutions for vans and trucks. Unlike most catalog/retailers, it also manufactures most of the products it sells.