The stylish and durable ladder rack for service bodies

Secure your cargo faster, easier, and more safely. This 100% Aluminum rack for 8, 9, & 11 ft. service bodies features stainless steel mechanical fasteners and has a load capacity of 1200 lbs. Standard crossbar end stops, a removable rear crossbar with easy-pull latch system, and side rails that allow side loading with a forklift makes your loading process safer and faster. The full-length channel makes customizing your rack with optional cargo management accessories easy, adding retractable ratchet straps, cargo hooks, conduit tubes, and mounts for lighting.

Add overhead capability to 8-, 9-, and 11-ft service bodies

Perfect for the job

Built for strength

Strong and lightweight design to stay the course.

Built for safety

Safe and ergonomic operation protects workers.

Built for business

Productivity-enhancing features delivers efficiencies.

Add height and usability

  • Aluminum construction
    All-aluminum design with powder coat finish protects against corrosion.
  • Forklift-loadable
    Raised crossbars on the side rails make it easy for a forklift to load/unload cargo from the side.
  • Rear crossbar latch
    Removable rear crossbar featuring a quick-release latch.
  • 1200 lb load capacity
    Tested and rated for 1200 lb. max load capacity.
  • Easy Add-ons
    Full-length channel for easy accessory customizations.


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