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Protecting goods and the people who deliver them for 40+ years

Randall has been protecting operators, inventory, and assets since 1978. We built our reputation for safety by providing the foodservice delivery world with market-leading temperature control products. Today, we also keep your operators safe through a wide range of access products, including walkramps, platforms, steps, and ladders.

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It’s a one-stop shop. I get all the products I need and always have someone to call directly.
Steven Dizinno, Director of Operations, City Line Distributors

Types of fleets

Refrigerated (reefer) trailers

Box trucks

Dry freight

Flat beds

Why Randall?

  • Focused on quality
    High-quality products, engineered for performance and durability.

  • Experienced
    Over 40 years of serving truck trailer manufacturers, fleet managers, and distributors.

  • Trusted to deliver
    Our commitment to service means there’s always someone you know to speak to.

Featured RANDALL safety products

Slip-resistant walkramps

Durable, self-cleaning straight and folding walkramps

Temperature control

Insulated bulkheads, center divide systems, trailer curtains, and insulated covers and containers.


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