help Prevent Crashes and Save Lives

Reduce blind spots and alert drivers of people or objects around the vehicle

Blind spots are a big contributor to most fleet accidents. And accidents that take vehicles off the road and workers off the job can cost your business time, money, and your reputation. Help operators navigate tight roadways and give them a better view by eliminating those hard-to-see areas to improve safety for everyone. Because the best accident is the one that never happened.

High-definition, bird’s eye view around the vehicle.

Reduce Accidents & Save Lives

Reduce blind spots by giving vehicle operators a real-time 360 bird’s eye view around the vehicle during low speed maneuvers.

Reduce Blind Spots

Get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings or switch between views (front, rear, left, right) to see everything around the vehicle.

Prevent Vehicle Damage

Avoid costly repairs of bumps, scrapes and dings during parking and keep your insurance costs down.

Avoid Liability Costs

Built-in recording, or video system integration, lets you record capture verifiable video evidence for any liability disputes.

More features than any 360 video system on the market.

  • Supports up to 6 cameras
    Standard system comes with a 2D, stitched 4-camera view. Add 1-2 more cameras for larger vehicles such as fire truck or articulated buses.
  • 1080p high-definition camera views and recording
    All cameras are 1080p AHD. They can record to the device or support video output to a secondary video system.
  • Operator Assist Features
    Automatic switching between views (top, front, rear, left, right) with automatic monitor shut-off based on vehicle speed to minimize distractions.
  • Overlay ‘Outrigger’ graphics
    For vehicles with extrusions or other equipment that might interfere with parking or low speed maneuvering, a vehicle graphic overlay helps reduce accidents.
  • Customize view by vehicle
    An editable vehicle library supports 8 vehicle types including school bus, transit bus, ambulance, fire apparatus, commercial vans and trucks.

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