Bigger rigs need smarter safety options

Protect truck and trailer operators, inventory, and assets

From the long haul to the final mile, the first stop on any truck and trailer delivery route should be safety. Safe food delivery through reliable temperature control. Safe truck and trailer access to speed up deliveries and protect goods and operators. And safe vehicle operation with backup and other camera systems.

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Now, Safe Fleet Truck & Trailer offers the most comprehensive line of products for my fleet, making my job easier and more efficient with one point of contact and service.

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Why Safe Fleet?

  • #1 walkramp and vehicle step brand
  • Complete range of temperature control products
  • #1 in North America for video/camera systems

Safer, faster truck & trailer deliveries.

Protect employees

Install slip-resistant walkramps and steps for safer entry and loading.

Protect the public

Remove dangerous blind spots and give drivers full visibility and confidence.

Protect goods

Maintain the perfect temperature for foodservice deliveries.

Safety solutions for your truck & trailer fleet 

How can we help you protect workers, inventory & assets?

Need to make package or grocery delivery just a little bit faster and safer? No problem.  Want to keep those snap peas crisp and frozen veggies solid for the long haul? We got this! And we’ll help protect your workers and your vehicles from preventable accidents.

Last Mile Delivery

Get everything from hub to final destination safely & efficiently.
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Food & Beverage Distribution

Keep food at safe temps & workers injury-free from first stop to last.
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Middle Mile & Long Haul

Safe pick-ups and deliveries from dock to dock.
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Dry Freight Delivery

Transport non-perishable goods quickly and safely.
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Keep the cold chain going even at the final destination.
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Brands that know your challenges.


Building smart, rugged walk surfaces to prevent slips and falls since 1928.

American MidWest Fleet Solutions

Specialists in large-scale fleet upfitting, including all safety features.


Safety-inspired roll-up compartment doors, folding safety ramps, and more.


Market-leading temperature control and access products for foodservice and freight delivery.


Advanced safety cameras and sensors for safer driving.


Automated, electric tarp systems for truck and trailer.


The best truck and trailer tarping systems on the market.

Featured truck and trailer products 

Safe vehicle access

Self-cleaning straight and folding walkramps, and retractable step systems.

Temperature control

Insulated bulkheads, center divide systems, trailer curtains, and insulated covers and containers.

Collision Avoidance

Event recording, blind spot elimination, and wired and wireless backup camera systems.

In-field Installation & service

Reliable specialty safety equipment support, anywhere in the country.

Tarp Systems

Safely cover your load on any open load truck or trailer and keep it from flying out on the road.


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