Smarter cities are safer cities

Integrated fleet safety and management technologies help cities work smarter and stay safer.

Cities have lots of moving parts. Emergency, waste and recycling, school bus, work truck, and other fleets are your city’s moving infrastructure—delivering goods, people, and essential services. Our integrated smart safety solutions for city fleets can help them do all that more safely and efficiently.

How integrated Smart City solutions work

One integrated video capture and evidence management, fleet tracking, and vehicle-specific safety solution lets you both monitor and protect drivers and passengers, and get a full picture of all the “moving infrastructure” in your city. Capturing in real-time what happens in and around your fleet—and why and how it happens—lets you plan safer, more efficient routes, help emergency services, and create a safer city for everyone.
  • High-definition, onboard cameras give you a complete view inside your vehicle to detect, deter, and respond to crime and protect the people inside.
  • Rear-view and other safety cameras can prevent collisions and injuries.
  • Specialized cameras and sensors can protect pedestrians around vehicles.
  • A video evidence management system lets you prove fault, help law enforcement, and reduce claims.
Put all of these things together, along with GPS tracking and other fleet management technologies, and you have the foundation for a smarter city.

Driver Safety


Ramps & Steps


Pedestrian Safety


Our smart city advantage

Smart cities need smart partners. Safe Fleet can give you a better view of what’s happening in your city through the data generated by the vehicles moving around it every day. We’ll help you find the best solutions for your biggest problems—from reducing collisions and keeping city services running efficiently to protecting residents, drivers, workers, passengers, and pedestrians. And we’ll apply our technology across all your fleets to make your city work smarter and safer.

Explore smart city solutions by vehicle

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Law Enforcement
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Work Trucks

Smart solutions for tough challenges

Safety cameras and fleet management solutions capture, record, and present telematics data and video evidence from across all city fleets, including fire, law enforcement, sanitation, school and transit buses, and utility and public works trucks. Monitor what’s happening with your fleets and in your community,

Capture Video

Use high resolution cameras to spot unsafe driving practices, roads that need fixing, garbage that missed pick-up, or even crimes in progress inside the vehicle or around it.

Save & Store Footage

Record video evidence to prove driver innocence or resolve false claims. Save for up to 30 days onboard or download automatically when the vehicle returns to the yard.

Manage Evidence

Download and view video evidence from any camera-equipped fleet vehicle to produce verifiable video evidence to solve crimes, resolve complaints, and investigate accidents from a single video evidence management platform.

Live GPS tracking, route management software, and waste collection apps give you better oversight and insight into fleet operations.

Track Vehicles

Monitor your fleet in real-time with live GPS fleet tracking. See your vehicles live on a map or synchronize historical GPS data with collected video footage. Verify

Garbage Pick-up

Manage sanitation routes, resolve complaints, verify pick-up, and deliver better customer service with innovative back-office solutions.

Plan Safe Routes

Plan safe bus stops, ensure on-time transport service, or ensure incident-free garbage pick-up with route operations and route optimization software.

Improve visibility with safety cameras and mirrors for buses and fire trucks. Use radar technology and predictive analytics to help schoolkids cross the road safely. Use advanced camera vision and sensor systems to eliminate dangerous blind spots on city buses to protect pedestrians.

Navigate Confidently

Help drivers maneuver narrow roads or back into tight spaces with rear view or 360 surround view camera systems with in-cab displays.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Advanced safety mirrors, sensors, and camera technology can reduce vehicle blind spots that lead to collisions. Improve

Pedestrian Safety

Protect vulnerable road users using special cameras and predictive analytics. Reduce false alerts to minimize distraction.

Increased safety boosts productivity. Safe vehicle access ramps, steps, and ladder racks, and smart interior storage solutions reduce back strain, protect against slips, trips and falls, and keep everything secure, yet accessible.

Prevent Trips & Falls

Slip-resistant walk surfaces and platforms make getting into and out of your vehicle problem-free.

Reduce Workers Comp

Not having to reach to stow a ladder on a roof top, cover a load or strain to reach cargo inside the vehicle can help keep workers safe and on the job.

Get the Job Done

Keep cargo covered, organized, and safe during transport so everything is in the right place and accessible when you get there.

Keep citizens safe and ensure an effective, coordinated response to emergencies by equipping emergency personnel with the right tools and protection they need to serve and protect.

Manage Conduct

Body worn cameras and in-car video systems protect officers against false claims and help improve public trust.

Share Video

Capture and record or stream live video from any emergency vehicle and share across departments to improve and verify emergency response.

Fight Fires Effectively

Give firefighters the best nozzles, valves, hose covers, foam proportioning systems, water cannons, and other apparatus to keep citizens and themselves safe.

What’s the first step to a smarter city?