Reduce accidents, boost productivity

Ergonomic storage that protects people, equipment—and your business

It all starts with the worker.
How can we make their job safer, easier, and more comfortable? It all comes down to design and usability, which are as important as materials and construction. Our patented ladder rack and storage product designs for vans, pickups, and utility trucks are easy and safe to use. Upfit your fleet to reduce work-related injuries and increase worker productivity.

Ergonomic Ladder Racks

ErgoRack is the original ergonomic, drop-down ladder rack.

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DeployPro™ Rear Deploy Rack

DeployPro is the only ergonomic, rear-deploying ladder rack.

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Universal Cargo Rack

AluRack is a lightweight, yet rugged, cargo rack.

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Rear Door Access Ladder

No-drill design delivers safe, fast, and easy access to cargo on a van roof.

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Over the Cab Material Rack

All-aluminum cargo rack for service bodies.

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Professional Truck Rack

Rugged rack designed for pickups and the loads they carry.

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Conduit Carrier

Aerodynamic and durable storage for long materials.

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Roll-up Doors & Cargo Trays

Safe, durable, reliable cargo storage compartment solutions.

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Why Safe Fleet?

Designed for Humans

Reduce stress and strain:
  • Lower injury risk
  • Minimize fatigue and muscle stress
  • Improve work conditions and morale
  • Reduce compensation claims
  • Help retain employees

Built for productivity

Ensure easy, efficient use:
  • Make it easier to access ladders and other cargo
  • Reduce downtime from injuries or fatigue
  • Enable faster loading and unloading
  • Reduce fuel consumption

Engineered to last

Durable and lightweight:
  • Choose lightweight aluminum for easier use
  • Protect cargo in any environment
  • Protect against corrosion

The ErgoRack®

The ErgoRack has been the leading ergonomic ladder rack system since 1992. The award-winning design reduces muscle stress, eliminates injury risk, and speeds up ladder loading and unloading.

Here’s how it makes work easier, safer, and faster for operators:
  • Access ladders with just two fingers
  • No need to climb on slippery bumpers or tires for access
  • Patented, hydraulic cylinder delivers smooth, controlled operation
  • Deploy or stow ladders in less than 20 seconds
  • Reduced risk of back and muscle strain

Ready to get started? Contact a safety expert.