Safety through complete visibility

Always get the full picture with video surveillance and safety camera systems

One set of eyes isn’t always enough. Your drivers, and the industries and people they serve, deserve the peace of mind of knowing safety comes first. As well as providing tailored systems for the transit, school bus, waste, and law enforcement sectors, we build custom systems for all industries and needs—from RVs to work trucks to military vehicles.

Video Evidence for Law Enforcement

Our body-worn and in-car cameras, in-car video displays, and license plate recognition tools help officers do their jobs efficiently and safely, as well as build trust.

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School Bus Camera Systems

Our school bus camera systems capture clear video and audio inside and outside the bus to help you identify and prevent bullying, vandalism, student discipline problems, and driver safety issues.

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Transit Video Surveillance Systems

Our transit video surveillance solutions let you see what’s happening on your buses, even in real-time. Track bus location, access data wirelessly, and ensure safety and security for operators & passengers.

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Fleet Video Systems for Commercial Trucks

Ensure safe driving practices and reduce collision costs with in-cab video systems. Wide selection of dashcams and event recorders, interior cameras and digital recorders to capture evidence to protect your business and your reputation.

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Waste Management Fleet Camera Systems

Combine on-board safety cameras and mobile hardware with easy-to-use fleet management and automation software to get a 360 view of your waste & recycling operations.

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Why Safe Fleet?

Built to last

Our safety cameras work everywhere. Waterproof and shockproof, with aircraft grade cable connections.

Unbeatable visibility

Infrared night vision and wide viewing angle safety cameras increase visibility and reduce blind spots.

Crystal clear images

Analog HD resolution generates a high-quality image that increases driving confidence and safety.

Easy to install

Simple installation and plug and play usage gets you back on the road in no time.

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