Protecting people

Leading provider of stop arms and other bus safety features

Specialty Manufacturing has a track record of safety innovation spanning almost 50 years. Bus manufacturers across North America look to Specialty to upfit their new buses for safety. Today we are the leading manufacturer of stop and crossing arms for school buses to reduce illegal passing accidents. Our emergency roof escape hatches can be found on almost every school and transit bus across North America. And our safety lights warn motorists and better illuminate the roadside during stops.

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Vehicle Types

School Bus


Activity Buses

Utility Trucks


Why Specialty?

  • #1 supplier of stop arms and escape hatches for buses
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Superior design

Featured safety products

School bus stop arms

Automatic stop sign to warn cars and let children disembark safely.

School bus crossing arms

Enable all heights of passenger to cross safely in front of buses.

Emergency escape hatches

Provides a quick way to exit in an accident, as well as ventilation.

Warning lights & alerts

Gain the attention of pedestrians and other vehicle drivers when stopping.

Bus flooring & step treads

Provides a slip-resistant surface for passengers in buses.