Maximize fleet visibility and reduce liability

Put extra eyes on and in your fleet with our transit video surveillance systems

Anyone can attach a few cameras to buses. We deliver complete video surveillance systems that can both protect drivers and passengers and improve fleet efficiency. Our transit video surveillance solutions let you capture what’s happening on your buses at all times with secure access to footage when you need it. View bus location, signals and speed alongside video, access data wirelessly, and ensure operator, passenger, and pedestrian safety and security.

The Seon mobile surveillance systems’ importance is much more than the ROI: they help provide a safe place for our bus drivers and passengers. They reveal the truth in seconds. They save time and heartache. The worth of the systems is much more than a dollar amount.

Robert Lockman | Risk Manager Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky

Why Safe Fleet?

New York City MTA and some of the largest transit authorities in the US and Canada rely on us to deliver video evidence.

IHS named Safe Fleet the largest mobile surveillance equipment provider for transit in North America in its most recent industry report.

Fueled by over 20 years of experience, our video evidence management systems are feature-rich, yet easy to use.

One complete transit surveillance system

Gather HD video evidence

Get defendable data to reduce risk and liability, and to refute wrongful claims. Use HD cameras to capture fine details in any light condition, and manage recordings with an easy-to-use evidence management system. Our purpose-built mobile digital video recorders capture up to 16 camera views, audio, and vehicle telemetry data to give you a complete picture of every incident.

Investigate incidents faster

Quickly locate and download the right video evidence complete with vehicle speed, direction, signals, hard braking and GPS location.

Reduce fraudulent claims

Capture and record everything on the bus in high resolution to identify fraudulent claims and reduce insurance payouts.

Customize Views

Wide selection of high-resolution cameras to zero in exactly what you want to see.

Access video anytime

Industrial grade wireless technology lets you automatically download on-board security footage. Stream live video from any installed bus camera quickly, reliably, and most of all securely.

Automate video download

Trigger automatic downloads via Wi-Fi of alarmed video when the bus returns to the yard.

Monitor live situations

Tap into live camera footage from the bus in an emergency situation.

Easy-to-use online platform

Get a complete overview of your video system health from anywhere on a convenient web dashboard to ensure video is always available when needed.

Enhance the rider experience

Use on-board displays to keep passengers updated in real-time with information relevant to their trip, including Amber alerts, accident information, and bus connections. Run ads to generate additional revenue.

Key transit surveillance system components

Transit cameras

Analog HD resolution generates a high-quality image that increases driving confidence and safety.
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Transit recorders

Capture up to 16 camera views, audio, and vehicle telemetry data to give you a complete picture of every incident.
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Digital evidence management system

Easily locate and download relevant video. Quickly review and share evidence of incidents.
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Transit infotainment systems

Update riders in real-time and earn supplemental advertising revenue.
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