Greater visibility for your waste & recycling fleet

An extra set of eyes on the road & in the back-office

The waste hauling industry has the fifth highest fatality rate. Our FleetMind on-board video system with up to 8 cameras around the vehicle for a 360-view of operations and driver safety. Give drivers better visibility to navigate tight roadways and avoid collisions. Allow fleet managers to improve driver behavior and safety. Use video to mitigate claims and our safety dashboard to score drivers on safety practices, coach drivers to improve driving habits, and recognize and reward exceptional performance.

In my opinion it has proven to be the ‘most complete’ technology solution for our needs.

Richard Knight, COO | Knight Waste Services


Up to 8 cameras around the vehicle eliminate blind spots and keep drivers accountable for safe driving.

Gather evidence of every stop to eliminate unnecessary service calls and trips and respond to customer concerns.

Most full-featured camera system on the market for waste applications.

Get a 360 View of your Waste operations

Powerful insights for incident resolutions

Use a combination of high-definition safety cameras, in-cab smart displays, and Mobile DVR to take pictures and capture real-time video footage that helps keep everyone safe and resolves disputes.  See who is to blame in an accident to avoid fraudulent claims. Improve customer service by tracking driver activity and behavior on the roads. Improve fleet safety in residential and commercial areas.

Monitor driver performance

Get real-time visibility into your drivers’ activity and performance. Maintain two-way communication between drivers and fleet managers.

Reduce dangerous driving behavior

Help uncover and reduce unsafe driving habits. Analyze individual drivers and use the information to educate them about dangerous driving and instill better driving habits.

Improve safety around vehicles

Give drivers a 360-degree view around the truck to capture everything that’s going on and help them keep workers and residents as safe as possible.

Accurately record vehicle activity

Install durable, interior and exterior, analog and IP cameras to deliver sharp, crisp images critical for immediate incident resolution.

Access real-time safety intelligence

Make fast, informed decisions and reward safe driving with recorded video. Those extra eyes on the road automatically record when pick-ups happen and keep drivers on the right, most efficient route. Get a real-time view of the progress of routes and individual stops to enable you to resolve complaints promptly and avoid costly go-backs.

Key waste management VIDEO system components

FleetLink camera systems

Automatically take pictures and record real-time video footage to provide a complete view of incidents and service data.
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FleetLink Mobile DVR

Capture and record video from around the vehicle. 9” touchscreen display can connect, view and record up to 6 cameras synced with GPS location & speed.
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FleetLink Safety Dashboard

Get live video feeds, archived videos  and picture views into your fleet, driver, and collection services activity.
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FleetLInk Vision

Get 360 visibility of your fleet and progress of operations in real-time with digital video recording, on-demand streaming, alarms and telematic data.
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