Secure storage for long material

Safely transport conduit or tube on your work truck

Transport long conduit or tube with the confidence it will stay safe and secure on your roof. Our Prime Design 5″ square carrier is aerodynamic, lightweight, and durable. It’ll last as long as you need it. Comes in three lengths, and carries more than the standard 6″ PVC pipe solution.

Secure long materials for transport quickly & easily.

Carry More – Securely

Greater Capacity

Carry more than standard 6” PVC pipe solutions.

Lightweight & durable

Corrosion-free, powder-coated aluminum construction.

Protect from theft

Padlock-ready for peace of mind.

Aerodynamic & Built to Last

  • Flexible Sizes
    The 5” square carrier comes in three lengths—8, 10, or 12 ft.
  • Lasts longer
    Durable, lightweight, powder-coated aluminum construction
  • Aerodynamic
    Steel reinforced aerodynamic end caps to reduce wind noise.
  • No drilling
    No-drill installation maintains vehicle warranty and resale value.
  • Compact Shipping Package
    Your carrier ships in two parts that join together with a padded aluminum coupler to form the full-size carrier. Compact packaging minimizes shipping and handling costs.

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