Improve safety & efficiency

Field-proven fleet management tools to manage your waste & recycling fleet in real-time

Waste management fleets work in tight situations and to tight schedules. Combine on-board safety cameras and mobile hardware with easy-to-use fleet management and route automation software to automate all aspects of route dispatching and re-assignment, provide real-time tracking of all field activities, reinforce desirable working behaviours, and record all billable activities with FleetMind’s FleetLink system.

In my opinion it has proven to be the ‘most complete’ technology solution for our needs.

Richard Knight, COO | Knight Waste Services

Why Safe Fleet?

The waste and recycling industry’s top choice for onboard fleet management and automation.

Confirm pick-ups, record stops, and view real-time video of routes in progress.

Improve driver confidence and give supervisors a real-time view of route operations.

The Most Complete Fleet Management Solution for Waste & Recycling

Provide a better, more efficient waste collection service

Reduce solid waste collection costs, increase customer density, drive lasting gains in route productivity, improve service performance, enhance fleet safety, and augment revenues. Automatically record when pick-ups happen and keep drivers on the right, most efficient route. Gather evidence of every stop to eliminate unnecessary service calls and trips and respond to customer concerns. Get a real-time view of route progress and individual stops so you can resolve complaints promptly and avoid costly go-backs.

Automate route progress

Automate stop confirmations to speed up route progress and enable drivers to focus on their primary work instead of manually logging stops.

Record stops and route progress

By time- and location-stamping stops using cameras, you can collect proof of pick-up to help quickly and efficiently resolve customer complaints.

Help employees be more productive

Reduce paperwork by drivers, dispatchers, supervisors. Reduce unnecessary delays while drivers record or check route progress.

Identify efficiencies & cost-savings

Get real-time reports on idling, speeding, and mileage by route, or driver to identify wastage and provide a complete view of operations.

Improve operations and productivity

Help drivers stay on track all the time by making it easy to follow pre-set routes. Give dispatchers and supervisors quick access to route progress in real-time, displayed on an intuitive color-coded map as well as in reports, to help them make fast, informed fleet management decisions.

Key waste management system components

FleetLink camera systems

Automatically take pictures and record real-time video footage to provide a complete view of incidents and service data.
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FleetLink Mobile hardware

Smart in-cab touch screens and hand-held devices that are field-tested to withstand tough waste collection environments.
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FleetLink Back-Office

Use with mobile hardware to Improve operations, increase profitability, provide complete fleet visibility, and deliver better customer service.
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The leading automated solution for service provision, documentation, and billing for solid waste haulers.
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Automated solution for managing and dispatching sweeper routes and reporting their progress.
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Application for dispatching graffiti removal tasks, recording graffiti details, and taking photographic evidence. 
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