the industry standard for firefighting nozzles

Accurate Flows and Rugged Features

Elkhart Brass™ handline nozzles deliver the exceptional levels of reliability, durability, and efficiency needed to keep you and your crew safe, fire after fire. Our nozzles come in a variety of flow delivery designs – smooth bore, fixed, selectable, automatic, and marine.

The XD™ line of Handline Nozzles: Built for Extreme Duty

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Safety built-in

Unmatched performance

Handline nozzles firefighters can rely on, fire after fire.

Highest Quality

Variety of flow delivery designs and tested for accuracy.

Rugged construction

Aluminum and brass construction, with all metal handles.

The XD line of Handline Nozzles: Built for Extreme Duty

  • Fixed flow and smooth bore
    Simple and dependable, gets you the water you need.
  • Automatic
    Constant nozzle pressure at varying GPM.
  • Selectable Gallonage
    Versatile enough for multiple flow settings.
  • Industrial Nozzles
    Built for refineries, chemical plants, industrial installations, as well as office complexes.
  • Marine
    Made for the unique firefighting challenges of a marine environment.

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