Safe Fleet Law Enforcement

Build trust. Improve officer safety and efficiency.

Rely on a comprehensive digital evidence capture and management system

Today’s police agencies and their officers face increasing calls for more transparency. Our body-worn and in-car cameras, in-car video displays, and license plate recognition tools help officers do their jobs efficiently and safely, as well as build trust. A powerful digital evidence management solution brings everything together to make it easy to store and retrieve video evidence when and where you need it.

“The technology can help with our efforts to reduce crime and the fear of crime in our community. We see this type of technology improving how we serve the community in the future.”

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

Why Safe Fleet?

Pioneer in in-car video since 1987.

Trusted by the largest law enforcement agencies in the country.

One complete digital evidence ecosystem

Improve public trust in police agencies

Make police departments safer, more efficient, and trusted by the public with a comprehensive video system that connects, communicates, and shares information.

Improve agency and officer efficiency

Reduce the time officers spend using and managing more complex police technology tools by providing an easy-to-use suite of video capture and evidence management tools.

Improve officer safety and effectiveness

In critical situations where seconds can save lives, being able to view critical information immediately in the police vehicle can help safeguard officers and the public.


FOCUS X1 Body Camera

Critical evidence capture even in low light conditions.
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FOCUS H1 In-car Video System

Advanced vehicle intelligence-based video analytics lets you capture everything in the field.
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Digital Evidence Management

Securely access and manage all video and evidence from body cameras, in-car systems & interview rooms.
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License Plate Recognition

Update riders in real-time and earn supplemental advertising revenue.
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