Reduce Illegal Passbys

Safe Fleet has been protecting school children with the most iconic piece of safety equipment on today’s school bus for over 40 years. The stop arm is proven to increase rider safety and reduce motorist pass-bys, and our new Defender series air and electric stop arms are a standard safety feature on most school buses manufactured today.


Why Safe Fleet Stop Arms

  • Proven
    Reduce illegal passbys and ensure student safety with less product downtime.
  • Durable
    Rough roads, harsh weather or day-to-day wear and tear are no match for this solid construction.
  • Reliable
    Intelligent drive system ensures proper stowing to improve longevity.

Defender Series Electric Stop Arm

Intelligent drive system for improved reliability

The Defender Electric Stop Arm two electrically operated alternately flashing lights on the top and bottom of the sign. The new intelligent stop arm drive system includes a new motor with 200% more torque than previous versions, and a sealed design for increased reliability and reduced downtime. Available in Defender Composite for premium corrosion resistance.


High Windguard

Eliminate extreme wind flutter in high wind areas.


Available in engineering or high intensity grade for optimum visibility. High intensity decal standard on Defender Composite.


Incandescent or LED strobing or non-strobing options.


Composite bodied, solid state and electric stop arms

6000 Series 2-light Incandescent

Solid-state unit featuring two alternately flashing incandescent lights on the top and bottom on either side.

  • Available with optional built-in flasher
  • Flush lenses for easier cleaning
  • Available in English and French language

7000 Series

Solid-state unit spells out and flashes ‘STOP’ with high intensity LEDs.

  • Available with built-in flasher
  • Modular easy-to-service drive mechanism
  • Only available in English

Air-powered Stop Arm

2000 Series

The 2000 series 2-light air operated stop arm features two strobing, high intensity LED light clusters on the top and bottom and on either side of the stop sign that strobe independently and alternately. It is designed with simplicity in mind, with very few moving parts and a simple air diaphragm which makes this unit virtually trouble free. It is constructed from steel that is properly coated for corrosion resistance.

  • Available in 2-light Strobing LED with High-intensity Prismatic or Diamond Grade Decal
  • Available in English or French Language

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