A more intelligent approach to fleet safety

We understand your fleet’s needs. That’s why we’re redefining what fleet safety means.

You want to ensure a safe work environment for employees. You also need to protect against liability from vehicle accidents. All while improving efficiency and productivity.

Safe Fleet looks at safety as a whole—safer fleets for humans, and safer fleets for businesses. Instead of sourcing multiple products from multiple manufacturers, and hoping they play well together, we think there’s a smarter way to approach fleet safety. We created a unified platform for total safety for fleets of every type, providing access to an unrivaled range of best-in-class smart solutions.

Vision & Mission & Values

How and why we aim to make people safer by making people safer.

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Safe Fleet Business System

Our goal, like yours, is zero accidents. Here’s how we achieve it.

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Our Story

See our history of working with the safest brands around.

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Our Locations

We operate and manufacture out of 14 locations across the US & Canada.

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Leadership Team

Meet the team working to keep operators, passengers, & pedestrians safe.

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Why Safe Fleet?

An integrated fleet safety platform to prevent injuries and save lives.

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Join a growth organization with a strong safety-based culture.

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Social Responsibility

See how we make our communities safer.

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United to End Bullying

Join us in trying to bring an end to bullying.

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Press & Media

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By making fleets smarter, we make them safer.

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Safe Fleet Safety Solutions