Trusted Experts in field upfitting and project management

Fast, quality upfit services – anytime, anywhere.

Anyone can attach a few components to vehicles. We deliver complete fleet safety systems that can both protect drivers and pedestrians and improve fleet efficiency. Safe Fleet brand, American Midwest Fleet Solutions, is the trusted expert in field upfitting and project management for commercial fleets.  Field upfitting is the smart, fast, cost-effective solution for managing your fleet.

Why Safe Fleet?

We’ve managed upfits and installs for some of the nation’s largest fleets.
We specialize in vehicle safety and productivity product installation, maintenance, and repair or replacement.
Via a network of 4000+ highly-trained field installation experts across the USA and Canada.

Fleet upfitting services

Upfit & Installation

We’ll help you job-rate, upfit and install anything from van interiors and ladder racks to video & telematics systems and tarps.

Preventative Maintenance and Service

We’ll make sure your critical safety equipment is checked, adjusted and calibrated so you can rest assured everything is in good working order.