Stronger, Smoother, Safer Doors

The toughest roll-up doors in the market

Roll-up doors let emergency crews access compartments without restricting views of the scene or oncoming traffic. Prevent apparatus damage from slam doors getting ripped off or not sealing properly. R-O-M™ doors are designed to be stronger, smoother, and have a larger opening than previous models or the competition. With plenty of options and add-ons, R-O-M roll-up doors are the clear choice.

The R-O-M Series IV™ door

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Designed to outlast the competition


Over-molded idler wheels for smooth and quiet operation.


2x stronger lift bar design.


Give crews the best visibility to equipment and the scene.

Rugged wear, reliability, and security on any apparatus

  • Easy one-hand operation
    Lift bar and finger pull, integrated into the bottom rail, allow easy one-hand access to equipment anywhere along the door.
  • Smooth, balanced door operation
    Neutral-balance means the same effort is used to push up or pull down the door.
  • 5 track styles
    With and without a finishing flange, offering the most mounting options in the industry.
  • Curved finger pull
    Allows for better feel when closing shutter door. Features a grooved surface for improved grip and unique design increases usable opening height over other comparable shutter doors.
  • Extruded inner seal
    One piece extrusion providing superior strength & increased structural rigidity.
  • Magnetic door ajar switch
    With improved reed switch for reliability.
  • Concave individual slat design
    Prevents loose equipment from hindering door operation.
  • One-piece side rail and track
    Unlike two-piece tracks joined by rivets or screws, our standard one-piece system has no obstructions to bind the doors. Several track styles are available for different installation requirements.
  • Standard non-abrasive top and side seals
    Provides a non-abrasive water and dust barrier to keep compartment equipment clean and dry while maintaining attractive roll-up door appearance. A wider top seal is available.
  • Drip pan with splash guard
    Attached with spring pins to the pennant plate, the pan rests close to the roll-up door, preserving valuable compartment space while keeping your equipment dry.
  • Keyable cylinder lock
    Offers easy accessibility and peace-of-mind security.
  • DuroStrip™ LED Compartment Lighting Systems
    Our LED compartment lighting illuminate the same or better, but draw 80% less amps, withstand vibration better, and can last the life of your vehicle while providing efficiency, cost savings, safety and NFPA compliance.
  • Perfect Match Wet Paint System™
    Our Perfect Match paint can be matched to your exact specifications – no matter what color. Roll-up doors are also available in an anodized satin or brushed finish.

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