For efficient, safe firefighting

A complete range of rugged, industry-leading fire apparatus equipment

Our fire apparatus equipment is engineered to outperform when the going gets tough. Get innovative, high-tech solutions for everything from better vision while at the scene, or driving to fighting fires safely and effectively with the right water flow controls, foam solutions, apparatus pump controls, and more.

Emergency Scene Lighting

Create better lit, safer work zones.

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Engine Governors

Make it easier to control engine pump pressures with reliable governors.

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Displays for use with pumps, storage tanks, and generators.

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Valves & Controls

Give pump operators easy-to-use flow control and real-time performance information.

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Deliver consistent high-volume water flow to extinguish large fires.

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Running Boards

Provide safer entry and exit from vehicle in all weather conditions.

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Intercom Systems

Meet the demanding needs of fire and rescue crews for two-way or three-way communication.

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Seat Monitors

Ensure the crew is safely belted in with four different vehicle cab displays that allow for multiple configurations.

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Roll-Up Doors

Provide safer access out of the way of road traffic.

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Foam Proportioning

Deliver precision water additives for more efficient firefighting.

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Cargo Trays

Tough cargo trays & slides to provide quick access to life saving equipment.

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Video & Recording Systems

Install high definition video systems to improve driver safety.

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Why Safe Fleet?

Superior performance

  • Fire apparatus equipment that outperforms expectations.
  • Precision-engineered for top performance, and simple to use in the field.

Built to last

  • Field-proven worldwide, with unmatched durability.
  • Robust designs and materials ensure reliability in the harshest of environment.

More efficient firefighting

  • The right equipment means less damage and more saved lives.
  • Get the job done quicker, and increase safety getting out of hostile environment faster.

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