HELP Prevent Crashes and Save Lives

Reduce blind spots and alert drivers of people or objects around the vehicle

Blind spots are a big contributor to most fleet accidents. Accidents that take your vehicle off the road, and your workers off the job, can cost your business time, money, and your reputation. Help operators navigate tight roadways and give them a better view by eliminating those hard-to-see areas to improve safety for everyone. Because the best accident, is the one that never happened.

Safety Cameras

Dash cameras and backup camera/monitor systems give drivers an extra set of eyes around the vehicle.

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Proximity Sensors

Detect obstacles behind, beside, or in front of the vehicle and alert drivers.

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360 Around Vehicle Monitoring

Get a 360 bird’s eye view around the vehicle to eliminate dangerous blind spots that lead to collisions.

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From standard to custom mirrors for fire trucks and buses to rear-view mirror monitors for any type of fleet vehicle.

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Why Safe Fleet?

Protect your vehicle perimeter

  • Warn drivers of objects in their way
  • Help keep pedestrians out of danger
  • Provide operators a real-time 360 degree view around the vehicle
  • Simple solutions designed for long-term, everyday use

Reduce collisions

  • Increase the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists
  • Eliminate dangerous blind spots that threaten pedestrian safety
  • Avoid scrapes and dings when parking in tight spaces
  • Prevent costly repairs caused by low-impact collisions

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