Protection at the door

Reliable temperature control for rear and side trailer doors

Our trailer curtains keep cold air in and warm, humid air out to help protect your inventory. They also keep dust, insects, and debris from entering the trailer through rear and side doors. Containing cool air reduces refrigeration unit run time, fuel usage, and maintenance—leading to longer trailer life and cost savings. Loading and unloading is fast and easy, minimizing disruptions to your delivery route.

Keep dust and debris out, maintain temps inside, and offer easy access to goods with these sturdy, versatile barriers.

How it Works

Driver-preferred, energy-efficient

Protect inventory

Keep cold air in and humid air out. Protect goods from dust, insects, and debris.


Contain cool air to lower refrigeration time and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

Easy to install and use

Driver preferred, easy-to-operate designs to increase productivity.

Customized to fit the needs of your delivery route

  • Superior thermal barrier
    Built from commercial grade materials with tight perimeter seals to keep cargo temperatures in place.
  • Unbeatable selection
    Variety of curtain options for rear and side door, including roller, rear pull down, quick release, and gravity strip curtains.
  • Optional windows
    Optional trailer curtain windows let the light shine through for increased safety.
  • User-friendly designs
    Roller tracks, Velcro ties/mounts, locking brackets, pull straps, and more make these the driver-preferred trailer curtains.

Recommended for Refrigerated Box TrucksRefrigerated Trailers

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