Reduce accidents and “wow” customers

What if by keeping drivers safe and productive you could actually deliver faster?

Speed is what counts in last mile delivery. Whether you’re delivering fresh groceries, the latest fashions, or bulky furniture, customers expect quick delivery times, accurate order fulfillment, and friendly professional delivery staff. You want to reduce food spoilage, make more deliveries in a day, and keep workers safe from injury. So how do you maintain a ‘hurry-up’ mindset while avoiding accidents or injuries that can sidetrack deliveries?

How it works

Step 1: Job-rate your vehicle

We’ll look at what kind of deliveries you’re making and help you choose the right solutions to fit the job.

Step 2: One-stop ordering

Get a single point of contact for ramps, shelves, storage cabinets, and even fleet safety cameras.

Step 3: Professional installation

Save the headaches of finding an experienced, reputable installer. We’ll install it right the first time and in record time.

Step 4: Keep it serviced

Our preventative maintenance program gives you the peace of mind your safety equipment will always work when you need it to.

Our last mile delivery advantage

Your advantage is right there in front of you—your vehicles. Equipping your vehicles with safety in mind lets you keep your people safe and operate more efficiently. Fewer workplace injuries means fewer missed delivery times. Efficient use of storage space lets you pack more into every truck run. An organized van means less time searching for the right package at the stop. We’ll help you upfit your delivery vehicles with the right safety features to suit any job.

Explore last mile delivery solutions by vehicle

Cargo Vans

Box Trucks

Mail/Package Delivery Vans


With a big, always moving fleet, it’s hard to make sure everyone is operating safely—until it’s too late and something happens.  Fleet camera systems, live GPS tracking, and cloud-based evidence management software can help everyone operate safely, no matter where they are.

Avoid costly collisions

Back-up cameras and sensors or 360 bird’s eye view can help eliminate blind spots that are the leading cause of collisions.

Record accidents

Record video evidence to prove it wasn’t your fault. Download it automatically when the vehicle returns to the depot.

Track vehicles

View all your vehicles on a map in real-time with live alerts. Make sure they’re not travelling outside their delivery zone with geo-fencing.

You want to pack as much as you can into every truck run, but also make it easier to access the right package at every stop. Shaving minutes off every delivery means fewer trucks rolling, and more happy customers—not to mention fewer expensive accident claims.

Prevent trips and falls

Slip-resistant walk surfaces and platforms make getting heavy, bulky cargo out of the truck and down the driveway safer for everyone.

Flexible storage

Patented cantilever shelving deploys easily when needed. Folds up when it’s not in use to keep odd-sized packages safe and secured.

Get organized

Custom van interior packages including lighting, cabinets, shelving, and drawers speed up deliveries so you’re back on the road again sooner.

Nothing ruins your, or food brands’, reputation more than lukewarm meals or half-melted ice cream. Keep frozen foods solid and meal deliveries hot with our temperature control solutions.

Carry it safely

Our insulated bags look great, keep food at the right temperature, and stand up to constant wear and tear. Custom branding available.

Maintain temperatures

Insulated bulkheads keep the inside of your truck or van at a consistent temperature no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Dust and debris-free

Trailer curtains keep insects, dust, and dirt out to protect your food deliveries from contamination while in transit.

Featured safety product

Flexible, innovative storage for any delivery:

  • Heavy duty hinge design supports a dynamic load up to 240 lbs per shelf
  • Inset uprights maximize shelf width and eliminate gaps between shelves to use every inch of the interior
  • Latching stow system prevents accidental deployment, while still enabling unfolding with just one hand
  • Rubber grommets reduce rattling to minimize driver distraction and fatigue
  • Uprights install through the floor and top rail to maintain a smooth sidewall for brand decals

What’s the first step to faster, safer deliveries?