Make smart storage & safety the first stop for the last mile

Keep at peak delivery pace from hub to home without incident

Whether you’re delivering important packages, fresh groceries, or hot meals, we’ll help you keep things cool (or hot), load faster, see & move better, and safely stow everything. So you can stay focused on getting orders there fast and cost-effectively. Our integrated portfolio of smart safety solutions—from market-leading brands—will help you avoid accidents so you maintain delivery times and expectations.

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Types of vehicles

Cargo Vans

Box Trucks

Featured Last mile delivery products

Safe vehicle access

Self-cleaning straight and folding walkramps and retractable step systems.

Temperature control

Keep food at the right temperature during delivery with insulated van bulkheads, thermal curtains, and insulated covers and containers.

Collision Avoidance

Event recording, blind spot elimination, and wired and wireless backup camera systems.

Ladder racks & storage

Upfit your fleet to reduce work-related injuries and increase worker productivity.

Van Shelving & Storage

Secure cargo van storage and ergonomic shelving.

In-field Installation & service

Reliable specialty safety equipment support, anywhere in the country.

Product Spotlight

Cantilever Shelving

Flexible, ergonomic shelving for package transport

Shelving sections can be easily stowed to adapt to any package size, giving you more capacity for maximum route efficiency.

  • No side supports so you can slide out packages safely & easily
  • Inset uprights reduce gaps between shelves and extend width to maximize space
  • Super strong, stainless hinge design supports heavy loads
  • Latch system lets you securely stow or quickly deploy shelves with one hand
  • Rubber grommets reduce rattling noise that distracts drivers
  • Upright mounts leave exteriors decal-ready and  free from unsightly fastener