Safer work trucks are more efficient work trucks

Work safer and faster with customized safety and access solutions

Your trusty work trucks need to go everywhere and do everything, often in harsh or urgent conditions. Customized safety solutions not only protect workers and the public, but make it faster and easier to reach, load, and unload critical equipment quickly, and safely.

Upfit your work truck with just the right safety features for your needs.

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Secure everything. Protect everyone.

Increase safety

Protect workers and the public on-site and on the road.

Reduce worker stress

Prioritize workers’ peace-of-mind on the job.

Reduce crashes

Keep your trucks on the road, not in the shop.

Improve access

Make it easier, faster, and safer to access critical equipment.

Improve efficiency

Give workers the tools they need to work smarter.

Store equipment safely

Store equipment securely, while maintaining accessibility.

Safety solutions for your truck fleet 

How safe are your work trucks?

Securely store and access roof-mounted step ladders and cargo, and stay safe on the road and on the job. Protect employees and the public, reduce accidents, and get the job done faster.

Power, Light & Gas

Keep critical utilities working in all conditions.
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Telecom & Cable

Provide fast, efficient service to your customers.
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HVAC, Contractor & Trades

Protect workers and get jobs done on time.
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Deliver safer on-time, all-the-time service.
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Brands that know your challenges.

American Van

Vast range of durable work truck accessories.

American MidWest Fleet Solutions

Nationwide network of upfit and installation services.


Slip-resistant walk surfaces and platforms for fleets and industrial.



State-of-the-art safety solutions for emergency service

Prime Design

Pioneers in ergonomic ladder racks for safer loading.


The best work truck tarping systems on the market.


Access solutions, including walkramps, steps, and more.


Automated, electric tarp systems for work trucks.


Safety-inspired roll-up doors, walkramps, steps and platforms.


Advanced safety cameras and sensors for safer driving.

Featured work truck products 

Ladder Racks

Ergonomic ladder racks for safer, easier access.

Van & Truck Shelving & Storage 

Modular solutions to keep everything in place.

Tarping Systems

Automatic & semi-automatic for safer, easier tarping.

Vehicle Steps

Self-cleaning, customized steps for safe truck access.

Safety Lighting

Lighting to help get the job safely done in any conditions.

Collision Avoidance

Eliminate blind spots and reduce accidents with safety cameras and sensors.


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