Alert traffic the school bus is stopping

Dual safety messages to warn motorists

The 7500 Series Driver Alert Device is designed to provide dual safety messages to alert traffic when school buses are stopping or stopped. It also is effective at railroad crossings and when the vehicle is backing up.


Proven to Reduce Passbys


An Alabama study shows a 63% reduction in accidents after install.


LED signs that stand up to the wear and tear of the road, no matter what the weather. 5 year warranty.

Improve Safety

Keep students safe as they load and unload at every school bus stop.

Keep motorists at bay and pedestrians safe

  • Bright Beam
    LEDs provide superior drier notification day or night.
  • Dual Safety Messages
    Flashes “Caution-Stopping” when amber lights are activated. Flashes “Caution” when vehicles is backing up. Flashes “Stop-Do Not Pass” with red lights and stop arm are deployed.
  • Impact & Scratch Resistant
    Rough roads, potholes, and day-to-day jarring are no match for the solid-state electronics, tested to SAE J845/575 standards.
  • Extreme Temperature
    Certified operation between -30° and 130° F.
  • Maintenance free
    No moving parts
  • Water Resistant
    Keep out moisture with water resistant design exceeding SAE J845/575.

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