Compliant, easy-to-use tarp systems

Semi-automatic pull tarps for rugged use on dump trucks and dump truck trailers

Our semi-automatic tarp systems enable the operator to manually pull the tarp out over the load with a pull rope. The system then easily retracts the tarp back into the housing using spring tension within the roller tube. All Pulltarps® tarps and tarping systems keep you up to code for all state cargo control regulations. 

SuperShield™ 9500M Semi-Automatic System Operation

Pulltarps is a great company to work with – their sales staff is very professional with excellent product knowledge. And they always ship when they say they will. Their product is the best.
Schloth Truck Equipment Company

The leading semi-automatic tarp

Help avoid injuries with easy tarp solutions

Fast and easy to use

Pulltarps semi-automatic systems are fast and easy to manually deploy, helping to save time and reduce on-the-job injuries.

Range of tarp materials

Choose from four types of tarping materialsHeavy Duty Mesh; Super HD MeshWaterproof Vinyl; and Asphalt Vinyl.

Made in California

Manufactured, sold, and shipped from southern California. We’ll work with you to ensure the correct fit for your use.

Safe and Economical

  • The most durable tarp systems
    Our SuperShield™ is the strongest, most durable semi-automatic tarp system available for dump trucks.
  • Spring tension coverage
    Easy-to-use, spring tension systems are a cinch to deploy and retract with one simple tug.
  • Durable and lightweight
    High-quality components engineered by American hands in California, USA.
  • Easy to maintain
    Designed with maintenance in mind. Easy component replacement reduces repair labor and time.
  • Keeps your truck up to code
    All Pulltarps systems comply with state laws requiring hauling vehicles to be covered when driven.


Featured tarp system products

9500M System

The strongest, most durable semi-automatic tarp system available in the industry. The fully-welded 12 gauge steel construction offers the best protection from falling debris. Designed for longer applications up to 40 feet.

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Steel Protector +™
(Semi-Auto) System

The Steel Protector+ truck tarp system holds 28′ of tarp and works with all types of dump trucks. The galvanized housing protects your tarp system from any falling debris which ensures your system works for years and years.

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8500M System

Pulltarps SuperShield 8500M tarp system is designed for smaller dump truck bodies up to 18′. This is the strongest, most durable Semi-Automatic Tarp System available in the industry.

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Steel Protector™
(Semi-Auto) System

The Steel Protector semi-automatic tarp system includes galvanized steel housing and holds 18′ of tarp, making it great for smaller dump truck bodies that require some protection from falling debris.

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9000M System

The Open 9000M system is our most economical semi-automatic tarp system that can hold up to 30 feet of tarp. The Open System is great for applications where falling debris and loader damage is not a concern.

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6000M System

The Open 6000M system is the most basic and least expensive system we offer for smaller dump trucks. Known as an “Open System”, there is no housing to protect the tarp and roller from falling debris.

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(Semi-Auto) System

The X-Pando semi-automatic tarp system features housing that adjusts to fit any truck width from 78” to 100”. This EZ-Fit System is able to expand to fit your exact truck body specifications.

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(Semi-Auto) System

The Core semi-automatic tarp system is an economical, cut-to-fit tarping system that fits into the cab shield of most dump truck bodies and trailer beds. This EZ-Fit system is easy to install; no welding or fabrication is required.

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