Stability where you need it

Better grip and safer access with durable access ladders and grab handles

Safer employees are more productive employees when out on the job. Our lightweight access ladders and secure grab handles give drivers a better grip and rock-solid stability. Grab handles provide safe handhold with three points of contact when climbing into a truck or trailer. Access Ladders provide safe access to side and back trailer doors.


Safer truck or trailer access

Increased safety

Provide drivers with the safety-standard three points of contact for complete stability and confidence.

Greater efficiency

Easy-to-install, easy-to-use solutions for quick, efficient, trailer access. Load and unload inventory quickly and safely.

More productivity

Install the right safety solutions to prevent common injuries and downtime from slips, trips, or falls on the job.

Get rock-solid stability

  • Three points of contact
    Give drivers the required, and safest, three points of contact.
  • Corrosion resistant
    Durable, aluminum construction that will not rust.
  • Lightweight
    Aluminum construction that saves fuel and reduces weight.
  • Easy to use
    Nothing fancy—just rock-solid performance when you need it.

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