ensure safe driving and reduce liability

Get an extra set of eyes on your fleet

Know what’s happening in your fleet in real-time with our durable, top-of-the-line vehicle safety systems. Give drivers the visibility they need to safely navigate busy roadways and alert them to vehicles in their blind spots to avoid collisions and costly repairs. And transmit video footage remotely with secure access to retrieve it when you need it.

The wireless cameras and sensors work seamlessly. Our drivers love them. We have not had one rear-end accident since installation. They drove costs down and made our fleet much safer. If we get a new truck without a camera, the drivers ask to be reassigned to an older truck with the camera!

Richard Farnum | Safety Director, Approved Oil

Why Safe Fleet?

America’s largest fleets depend on Safe Fleet to protect their vehicles

Huge selection of HD dashcams, interior/exterior cameras, and digital recorders to capture video evidence.

Our industrial grade products withstand the rigors of the road and are backed by highly trained install and service experts.

Get a full view of your fleet operations

Gather clear and defendable evidence

A combination of high-definition safety cameras, proximity sensors and mobile DVRs capture real-time video footage to help keep everyone safe and resolve disputes.  See who is to blame in an accident to avoid fraudulent claims. Improve customer service by tracking driver activity and behavior on the roads.

Reduce Dangerous Driving Behavior

Spot unsafe driving habits by viewing individual driver footage. Use the video to coach better driving practices or reward good habits.

Get an Accurate View of Vehicle Activity

Durable, interior and exterior, analog and IP cameras deliver sharp, crisp images, critical for criminal investigations.

Easy-to-use Online Platform

Get a complete view of your fleet video system and alerts from anywhere on a convenient web dashboard. Ensure video is always available when you need it.

Safer Drivers = Safer Fleets

Ensure safe driving practices and reduce collision costs with our best-in-class vehicle safety systems.

Integrated camera/sensor

Give your operators full protection  with integrated camera and sensor systems providing the ultimate in visual and aural awareness.

Reduce fraudulent claims

Capture and record everything on the vehicle in high resolution to prove fraudulent claims and reduce insurance payouts.

Improve safety

Give drivers a 360-degree view around the truck to capture everything that’s going on and help them keep workers and residents as safe as possible.

Key COMMERCIAL FLEET VIDEO system components

Safety cameras

Dashcams and backup camera-monitor systems give drivers an extra set of eyes around the vehicle.
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Proximity Sensors

Alert drivers to obstacles behind, beside or in front of the vehicle before an accident happens.
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inView 360 Around Vehicle Monitoring

Eliminate dangerous blind spots with a 360 view around the vehicle.
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Mobile DVRs

Record, review, and store relevant video from all angles.
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