Protect Passengers Inside and Out

Integrated safety solutions for school and transit bus fleets

Improving the safety of students and pedestrians around school and transit buses is just as important as the safety of those on-board. Rely on the leaders in the industry to help keep everyone safe. Innovations that use predictive analytics and camera vision technology can help prevent injury to people outside the bus. Our tried and tested systems improve safety in the danger zones around buses caused by blind spots and inattentive motorists. Our roof hatches, interior lighting, and overhead parcel racks are installed on more buses than any other manufacturer.

Predictive Stop Arm®

Monitor oncoming vehicle traffic and warn students to prevent accidents at school bus stops with advanced technology.

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Student Contact Tracing

Access the information that enables you to respond quickly and accurately to emerging situations and increase student safety.

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Blind Spot Collision Prevention

Help prevent pedestrian strikes with the ThruView Assist™ blind spot collision prevention system.

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Vehicle Safety Mirrors

Get better visibility for any type of fleet vehicle, from fire trucks to transit buses with a huge selection of standard and custom mirrors.

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Roof Hatches

Equip buses with roof hatches for emergency escape and ventilation.

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Stop Arms

Activate flashing stop signs when a school bus stops to warn drivers not to pass.

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Crossing Arms

Prevent students from crossing too close to the bus at stops with these safety barriers.

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Driver Alert

Display dual safety messages to alert traffic when school buses are stopping.

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LED Strobe Lights

Provide more down angle light to enhance vehicle visibility.

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Merge Alert

Caution approaching traffic when a transit bus is merging.

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Interior Lighting & Ducting

Improve passenger safety and comfort with interior LED lighting and ducting systems.

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Overhead Parcel Racks

Get customized racks to stow luggage/parcels overhead on any passenger bus.

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Protect passengers during rear or forward collisions with medium or heavy duty bumpers.

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Step Treads

Reduce liability risk with our superior slip resistant step treads.

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Why Safe Fleet?

Protect the bus perimeter

  • Eliminate dangerous blind spots that threaten pedestrian safety during left hand turns
  • Real-time 360° view around the vehicle to avoid collision
  • Give bus drivers better visibility to avoid accidents as they pull away from the curb

Protect students with proven & breakthrough safety technology

  • Increase student safety and reduce illegal passing through advanced video and predictive analytics
  • Proactively warn students and bus drivers it’s not safe to cross
  • Advanced camera vision and predictive analytics to prevent accidents
  • Standard stop arm and cross arm proven to reduce student injuries

Deliver a better ride

  • Broad selection of customized bus interiors to improve comfort & convenience
  • Lightweight yet strong durable with satin anodized aluminum light fixtures and extrusions, and aluminum composite panels
  • Wide range of extra features—from reading lights to speaker brackets

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