Easier, Safer Tarping.

Protect drivers and effectively contain and protect truck and trailer payloads

Roll·Rite® and Pulltarps® tarping products create a safer work environment for drivers by enabling them to stay in the vehicle during tarping. Create cost efficiencies and improve revenues by making it as easy as possible to tarp your trucks, trailers, or roll offs. 

Roll·Rite is a great system. All my guys fight over it because it works so well—cycles real quick and trouble free.
Bob | M&B Trucking

Automated Tarp Systems for Driver Safety

Reduce the chance of injury while you cover your load

Leaders in tarp motors & wireless technology

Roll·Rite® developed the industry’s first wireless remote controls for tarping, and produces direct-drive gear motor technology engineered in Michigan, USA specifically for tarp applications.

Leading automated tarping systems

Widest selection of system variations for open top dump truck and trailer bodies and detachable container trucks and trailers.

Quality & performance guaranteed

Peace of mind with a non-prorated 5-year warranty on Roll·Rite® tarp motors, and a 5-year prorated warranty on Pulltarps® 1.3 HP electric motors.

Power and performance

  • All the power you need
    Our heavy duty motors deliver the necessary horsepower & torque for each tarping application.
  • Wireless operation
    Operate motors using a wireless remote control, either with an external switch or an in-cab switch.
  • Built-in safety
    Easy-to-use, automated systems reduce on-the-job injuries.
  • Durable and lightweight
    High-quality components engineered in Michigan and California, USA.
  • Easy to maintain
    Designed with maintenance in mind. Easy component replacement reduces repair labor and time.

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Automated Tarping Systems

Roll·Rite ®
TarpMaster ® Series

Arm style front-to-back tarping for trucks  & trailers using up to 26 feet of tarp.

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Pulltarps ®
SuperShield 9500E System

This is the strongest, most durable automatic tarp system available in the industry. The fully-welded 12 gauge steel construction offers the best protection from falling debris. Designed for longer applications up to 40 feet.

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Roll·Rite ®
Super Duty Series

Arm style front-to-back tarping for truck and trailers using over 26 feet of tarp.

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Pulltarps ®
Steel Protector + System

The Steel Protector +™ automatic tarp system is designed for longer applications that require some protection from falling debris. The Steel Protector+ holds 28′ of tarp and works with all types of dump truck bodies. The galvanized housing protects your tarp system from any falling debris.

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Roll·Rite ®
DC Series for Roll Offs

Roll-Rite DC Series Tarpers

Cover everything from small pickup chassis hooklifts up to 40yard container roll off trailers.

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Pulltarps ®
Open 9000E System

The Open 9000E system is our most economical automatic tarp system that can hold up to 40 feet of tarp. The Open System is great for applications where falling debris and loader damage is not a concern.

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Roll·Rite ®
Lock-Down STS Series

Side-to-side tarping for trucks and trailers, using either watertight or mesh tarps

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Pulltarps ®
X-Pando (Automatic) System

The X-Pando™ automatic tarp system features housing that adjusts to fit any truck width from 78” to 100”. This EZ-Fit System is able to expand to fit your exact truck body specifications.

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Roll·Rite ®
Power Cable Series

Single Cable Series or Twin Cable Series in SuperSlider or Top Slider variations to meet your truck or trailer tarp application.

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Pulltarps ®
Core (Automatic) System

The Core™ automatic tarp system is an economical, cut-to-fit electric tarping system that fits into the cab shield of most dump truck bodies. The system is great for applications where falling debris and loader damage is not a concern.

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