Student Safety from Every Angle

Make school journeys safer with a school bus camera system tailored for you

Get the evidence you need to resolve problems quickly, easily and reliably. Our school bus camera systems capture clear video and audio inside and outside the bus to help you identify and prevent bullying, vandalism, student discipline problems, and driver safety issues. We help over 4,000 school districts protect students at the stop and on the bus, and operate with actual, verifiable facts—not heresay.

Safe Fleet’s video surveillance system with wireless downloading gives us the information we need to make better decisions and be better transportation professionals.

Doug Becker | Transportation Director Frisco Independent School District

Why Safe Fleet?

Everything we do is about keeping people safe.  Our school bus group has been dedicated to improving student safety for over 40+ years.

Trusted by 1 in 3 school districts to deliver reliable bus video and ranked by IHS as the #1 school video system provider, there isn’t a challenge or situation we haven’t seen.

A wide range of durable, interior and exterior, analog and IP cameras capture fine details critical for incident investigations in any light condition.

The Most Advanced & Reliable School Bus Video System

Protect students & improve bus safety

Keep your students safe by ensuring driver accountability, minimizing bullying and bad behavior, and deterring motorists from illegal passes. Always have the full picture of what really goes on with full telematics integration. HD cameras purpose-built for student transportation help prosecute stop-arm violators or identify bullying and other unwanted on-board student behavior. It’s easy to tag, and share video quickly and easily.  Add safety cameras to help drivers avoid accidents and protect students.

Reliable recording and storage devices with advanced system health check make sure your video evidence is always there when you need it.

Evidence that’s there when you need it

Quickly locate and download video of on-board incidents. Gather video evidence complete with vehicle speed, signals, and GPS location.

Monitor student & driver behavior

Capture and record student discipline problems or risky driving behavior in high resolution with up to 16 camera angles.

Protect students outside the bus

Provide a 360° bird’s eye view outside the bus to prevent accidents at stops. Capture license plates of stop-arm violators.

Monitor your system 24/7

Quickly identify DVR, camera & GPS maintenance issues to ensure video footage is always available when needed.

It’s easier to get the video you need

It’s time-consuming travelling to the bus yard and hopping from bus to bus to search for video. Industrial grade wireless technology lets you automatically download on-board camera footage when the bus returns to the yard. Search for just the right video quickly and easily without leaving your desk. Or stream live video from any installed bus camera quickly, reliably, and most of all securely.

Automate video download

Trigger automatic downloads via Wi-Fi of alarmed video when the bus returns to the yard.

Monitor live situations

Tap into live camera footage from the bus in an emergency situation.

Easy-to-use online platform

Get a complete overview of your video system health from anywhere on a convenient web dashboard to ensure video is always available when needed.

Respond to parent or administrator concerns faster

The right data is everything when it comes to responding to an onboard incident or driver complaint. Intuitive video evidence software lets you review video and create evidence clips quickly and easily.

Key school bus camera system components

School bus cameras

Analog HD resolution generates a high-quality image that increases driving confidence and safety.
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School bus recorders

Capture up to 16 camera views, audio, and vehicle telemetry data to give you a complete picture of every incident.
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Video evidence management system

Easily locate and download relevant video. Quickly review and share evidence of incidents.
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Around Vehicle Monitoring System

Get a bird’s eye view around the bus to ensure student safety when pulling away from the stop.
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