AluRack® – The universal cargo rack that works as hard as you

Lightweight, rugged solution for bulky roof cargo

Safely carry all of your cargo in any weather conditions. Featuring the industry’s original rolling bar, the AluRack makes it safe and easy to load and transport bulky sheets of plywood, drywall, and pipe on top of your work truck. The aluminum rack is lightweight yet rugged, with an aerodynamic profile that looks great and reduces fuel consumption and road noise. When work is done, it’ll even handle your weekend toys.

Enhance your image and get the job done with this sleek, modern rack

How it Works

Aerodynamic and lightweight

Safe, ergonomic operation

Protect against operator injuries and strains.

Enhances productivity

Quickly and safely load and unload heavy cargo.

Lightweight and durable

Lightweight aluminum for good looks and long-lasting performance.

Stylish. Strong. Versatile.

  • Standard rear rolling bar
    Slide bulky cargo off and onto the rooftop easily.
  • Versatile cargo transport
    Provides the most versatile way to transport your cargo.
  • Aluminum Construction
    Durable, lightweight anodized aluminum doesn’t rust & looks great for a more professional image.

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