Thruview Assist™ Blind Spot Collision Prevention System

Prevent left-hand turn pedestrian strikes

The transit bus A-pillar is one of the most dangerous blind spots on a transit bus, hiding up to 10 pedestrians from view. ThruView Assist™ gives transit operators a clear, high-resolution view beyond the A-pillar to improve visibility and prevent left-hand turn, pedestrian strikes.

Unlike other solutions in the market today, ThruView Assist delivers exceptional camera view orientation and aspect ratio settings for seamless operator transition between window and monitor views.

How it works

A camera mounted outside the bus captures and transmits the view blocked by the A or B pillars on an in-cab display.

Keep pedestrians safe

Reduce Accident Rates

Reduce blind spots caused by A/B pillars that account for more than 54% of collisions.

Improve Visibility

Virtually eliminate the blind spot by giving operators the view ‘beyond’ the A pillar.

Reduce Risk

Adding ThruView Assist in combination with mirrors effectively reduces risk of collision.

Built for Harsh Conditions

Mechanical shock, vibration and extreme temperatures are no match for this rugged system.