Flag, repair and return vehicles to active service in record time

Want a solution that doesn’t require an investment in RFID tags and readers? A solution that improves the communication between the vehicle operator and maintenance teams, enabling rapid and responsive action to all fleet maintenance issues?

Safe Fleet Vehicle Inspection™ automates pre- and post-trip inspections and makes the inspection data available through a web portal, so fleet managers can track issues as they are flagged, repaired and the vehicles are returned to active service.

Why Safe Fleet?

Customize trip inspection steps based on events, data entry and/or triggers with custom messages.
Use an existing Android device or Safe Fleet tablet.
Ensure no corners are cut or fraud is committed with built-in accountability and verification.

Automate inspections for enhanced maintenance and operational efficiency

Manage inspections, maintenance, vehicle location, driver management and automated paper forms.

System Flexibility

Supports any required inspection type (pre/post-trip, driver swap, maintenance, facilities, other customer assets that require periodic inspection.

Hardware Agnostic

Designed for real-world use and compatible for use on the Safe Fleet Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), Android Tablet, or Android Smartphone.

Inspection Assurance

No need to track items using RFID Tags. Safe Fleet Vehicle Inspection uses GPS to track the vehicle operator walking around the vehicle and records the time when each item is inspected.

Key Applications

Safe Fleet Vehicle Inspection™

For school bus applications.
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Safe Fleet Vehicle Inspection™

For transit applications.
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