Smart technology

By making fleets smarter, we make them safer.

Our Advanced Technology Group is using advanced algorithms, deep learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to make fleets safer by making them smarter. That means finding intelligent solutions that answer today’s safety needs and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

Our in-house team of experts on surveillance cameras, 3D computer vision, and motion analysis is developing advanced sensing technologies to help reduce the risk of injury to drivers, passengers, and everyone around them.

We focus on ways to monitor and detect all activity, persons, objects, and threats in and around all fleet vehicle types, and proactively warn drivers and pedestrians of risk of injury before an accident happens.

Our Smart Safety Solutions™

Predictive Stop Arm™

Our patents-pending predictive stop arm solution uses radar technology and predictive analytics to monitor oncoming traffic. When risk is detected, it notifies school bus drivers and warns students it might not be safe to cross. AI and deep learning reduce false alerts and minimizes driver distraction.

ThruView Assist™

A/B pillar blind spots are a leading cause of accidents while turning. Our game-changing ThruView Assist product uses exterior cameras to reduce those blind spots by making A and B pillars virtually disappear. It gives vehicle operators a clear view of their surroundings instantly through an interior display.

Predictive Turn™

The Safe Fleet Predictive Turn system identifies pedestrians hidden in the A/B pillar blind spots when the bus is making a left turn. Specialized cameras with predictive analytics create a visual sensor using AI and deep learning models to detect pedestrians on a collision course with the bus and alert the driver to avert an accident.