Protect fragile goods—and your bottom line

Maintain the right temperature in-transit, while maximizing trailer space

Simplify the flow of your deliveries, and protect temperature-sensitive goods. We offer the highest quality, most comprehensive product line for temperature control in the industry. Our products are not only smart for your inventory, but also for your business. Smart temperature control can improve reliability, productivity, and efficiency—while making every inch of your trailer space count.

Insulated Bulkheads

Designed-to-fit, lightweight, high performance insulation for temperature control.

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Center Divide Systems

Create up to three distinct temperature zones to protect fragile goods.

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Trailer Curtains

Large selection of rear and side door trailer curtains.

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Insulated Covers & Containers

Keep perishable, heat-sensitive products hot or cool and protected in transit.

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Insulated Warehouse Divider Curtain Wall

Create temperature zones, contain humidity, or control sound in your warehouse.

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Why Safe Fleet?

Protect inventory

Solutions for temperature control:
  • In the warehouse
  • On the dock
  • In transit

Boost productivity

Do more, save time:
  • Simplify the flow of deliveries
  • Get more done in less time

Improve efficiency

Optimize space:
  • Make the most of your trailer space
  • Make the most of your warehouse space
  • Reduce energy waste

The Rear Roller Curtain

When produce and other temperature-sensitive inventory are exposed to summer heat and winter cold, product integrity is at risk. Protect open rear doors with a Rear Roller Curtain. Easy to work with and easy to secure to the wall.

Here’s how it works to keep you moving:
  • Roller track rolls from side to side for easy loading and delivery
  • Extra low temp windows
  • Tie-back straps secure curtain to wall
  • Center Velcro® allows for easy pass through and closure
  • Protects temperature sensitive inventory from heat and humidity
  • Keeps environmental debris out of trailer
  • Conserves energy and fuel
  • Also available at the side door

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