Re-defining police dash cam video with vehicle intelligence

The FOCUS H1 in-car video system ushers in a new age of vehicle intelligence. When partnered with effective video capture, the FOCUS H1 in-car video system improves officer safety and efficiency—assisting them while they perform their policing duties.

Supports third-party, vehicle intelligence-based video analytics.

A New Age of Vehicle Intelligence

The FOCUS H1 in-car video platform is an ‘edge computing’ inference engine, supporting Vehicle Intelligence-based (VI) applications in the vehicle for immediate notifications.

Improve Safety & Efficiency

Protect Officers

Capture video of the scene to get an unbiased view of critical events.

Increase Efficiency

Easy evidence capture lets officers focus on the job at hand, not the technology.

Improve Effectiveness

View critical video and audio to safeguard officers and the public.

No compromise design

  • Supports VI-based video analytics
    ‘Edge computing inference engine supports Vehicle Intelligence (VI) applications in the vehicle for immediate notifications.
  • Higher resolution with less storage
    Configurable HD camera streams with high-density video compression for improved evidence capture, transfer, and management. Video Resolution: 1080P/720P; 128GB Solid State Internal Drive; 64GB or 128GB Solid State Removable Drive; and more.
  • Integrate with FOCUS X1 Body Cameras
    Simplify evidence capture and management by uploading body camera video, audio, and metadata into the in-car video system.
  • Smart power management
    Regulate vehicle voltage to protect vehicle batteries and the system’s power supply. If vehicle battery loss occurs, video is protected from corruption.
  • Fail-safe technology
    Lightbar and unique sensor activation for event-based video recording to ensure your digital evidence is captured and secured when you most need it to be.
  • Rugged and expandable
    Removable panels allow for stackable/connectable modules to increase capability. Built to take on the temperature, shock, and vibration of harsh mobile environments.
  • Display
    4.3″ LED Backlit Touch Monitor, 16.7M Color Depth
  • High-Definition Cameras
    Up to 6 HD Channels, Supports 3 Cameras Standard; Horizontal 120 Degrees / Vertical 50 Degrees FOV; Front Camera with CPL Optical Filter, 0.5 Lux; and more.
  • Audio
    900 Mhz Digital Spread Spectrum Body Mic, or FOCUS X1 Body Camera.

Recommended for Police DepartmentsPublic Safety Agencies

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