Capture More Plates. Solve More Cases.

Track down criminals through automated license plate recognition

Our AlertVU™ LPR System is a powerful tool for tracking down vehicles and individuals associated with a crime. Our system adds more eyes in the field to track down criminals by generating and managing hotlists of warrants, crimes and suspects. Improve efficiency and safety by processing thousands of plates.

License Plate recognition

Add extra eyes in the field with agency-wide alerting.

The Most Reliable License Plate Recognition System in the Country

Add extra eyes in the field with agency-wide alerting and track down suspects safely and easily.

Advanced LPR technology

Capture plates at highway speeds and at sharp angles across multiple lanes of traffic.

Integrated back-office

Enable all LPR units to be aggregated, searched, and historically analyzed.

Interagency data sharing.

Effortlessly share data with any relevant local and national law enforcement agency involved.

Investigative analytics

Identify patterns of activity and customize analytic searches. whenever APBs, BOLOs, and Amber Alerts roll in.

Flexible mounting

Fixed, portable, and mobile applications available. Mount on front grilles, lightbars, at special events, and more.

Instant alerts

Make every second count by alerting officers about suspect vehicles in the area with up-to-the-minute data from APBs, BOLOs and Amber alerts.

LPR has the ability to process real-time analytics inside the police car to identify vehicles and other objects.

  • Failsafe Technology
    To ensure that your digital evidence is captured and secure, Focus H1 in-car video systems have light bar and unique sensor activation for event-based video recording.
  • Higher Resolution, Less Storage Space
    Configurable HD camera streams with high density video compression for improved evidence capture, transfer, and management—offering higher resolution with less storage requirements.
  • Automatic System Updates
    Wirelessly download software updates and system settings to reduce human error and eliminate downtime during updates.
  • Rugged Design
    So tough, it meets military specification MIL-STD 810G. Built to take on the temperature, shock, and vibration of the harsh mobile environment.

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