Connect to Grant Funding Matched to Your Needs

Let grant experts help you navigate fund program complexities & increase your success rate

Safe Fleet has partnered with experts at Lexipol and to provide a FREE resource to help School Districts pursue additional funding – the Safe Fleet Grant Assistance Program.

Get connected with the fund programs that match the products and services you need most at no cost. Eliminate the frustration and time spent researching the complications of county, state and federal grants. Streamline the process and increase your chance of success by relying on a team of proven experts.

The FREE Safe Fleet Grant Assistance Program can help you seek grants to purchase school bus technology such as video surveillance and wireless connectivity systems, radar technology and fleet management software. These systems support student safety, in and around the bus and increase transportation department operational efficiency.


In-depth insight into County, State and Federal grants to improve fund-matching success

  • One-on-One Guidance Throughout the Entire Grant Application Process
  • Extensive Search Tool Functionality and Reach
  • Expert, Proven Consulting Support

Let the experts help you navigate the grant application process for funds that can be used to purchase school bus safety and efficiency technology today.

Hands-on Assistance

Experts will guide you through the entire process, helping you find the grants specific to your needs and making sure your applications meet all the requirements.

Grant Finder / Planning

You’ll get access to customized grant forecasting tools to help you plan submissions for grants that have not yet been made available. You’ll also receive grant alerts tailored for your district.

Grant Writing Support

Get grant writing assistance through at a discounted rate.

Pursue grant funding that could help your school district improve student safety and operational efficiency.

Sign up for the no-cost Safe Fleet Grant Assistance Program today.