Protect vulnerable students outside the bus

What if you could cut student injuries from illegal passing incidents down to ZERO?

Zero is the only acceptable number of student injuries or deaths in illegal passing incidents. Riding the school bus is 70 times safer than going to school in the family vehicle, but its outside the bus where students are most at risk. Every day motorists put students’ lives in danger when they ignore the flashing lights and extended stop arms. School districts need a better way to change motorist behavior and keep students safe.

With Predictive Stop Arm we have the video and all the information, but more importantly the child never stepped out in the street to begin with.

Derrick Agate, Transportation Director | Hopkins Public Schools, MN and President MNAPT State Association

How it works

Step 1:  Improve vehicle visibility

Equip your buses with stop arms, LED strobe lights, and LED warning signs to alert motorists that a school bus is stopped and is loading or unloading children. Our crossing arms and mirrors can also ensure better visibility for bus drivers to reduce roll-over accidents.

Step 2: Proactively alert students

The Predictive Stop Arm™ uses radar and predictive analytics to monitor vehicle traffic in both directions and warn students when it’s unsafe to cross. Advanced AI and deep learning models reduce false alerts and minimize distractions.

Step 3: Capture violations

Capture license plates of stop arm violators and produce video evidence tagged with GPS, date, and timestamps to issue citations—and ultimately change motorists’ unsafe behaviors. Experience shows motorists are unlikely to repeat the offense once issued a ticket.

Protect students with ADVANCED safety technology

Proactively keeping students out of harm’s way using advanced safety technology such as the Predictive Stop Arm , and educate motorists by using stop arm camera video evidence to issue citations. Safe Fleet bus safety features such as stop arms, crossing arms, and driver alert signs also help capture motorists’ attention to reduce illegal passing.

Smart solutions for tough challenges

Radar, video sensors, artificial intelligence, and predictive technologies work together to keep students out of harm’s way.

Analyze risk

Radar technology and predictive analytics monitor traffic and assess when a stop arm violation is likely to occur.

Proactively alert

Visual and audible alerts delivered to students and bus drivers add a critical safety layer not available in other solutions.

Minimize distractions

Artificial Intelligence and deep learning models help prevent false alerts that can lead to driver distraction.

Reduce vehicle blind spots using mirrors and advanced camera technology. Safety lighting alerts motorists when a school bus has stopped and children are crossing.

Get a better view

Rear vision and 360° cameras, custom mirrors and crossing arms eliminate blind spots that are the leading cause of accidents.

Alert motorists

Driver alert signs, LED strobes, and stop arms warn motorists to stop so students can get on and off the bus safely.

Automatically capture and flag stop arm violations and produce video evidence to issue citations which help change motorists’ behavior.

Capture in HD

High-definition stop arm cameras capture motorists that illegally pass a school bus and flag the event as a violation.

Download automatically

Trigger automatic video download via Wi-Fi of any tagged violations when the bus returns to the yard.

Process evidence

Capture video showing license plate detailsand tag the footage with GPS, date, and timestamp information for citations.

Featured safety product

Predictive Stop Arm™

Proactively monitor traffic and warn students to ‘get back’ before an accident happens at the bus stop:

  • Actively monitors and assesses risk to students from passing motorists
  • Alerts bus drivers when a vehicle is not likely to stop
  • Warns students not to cross when the street is unsafe
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