ESSER/GEER Relief Funds: Know what funding you are eligible for

Learn about available technology and what this technology can mean for your school district during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

You may be eligible for new CARES Act funds to upgrade student safety. Congress approved a second pandemic relief bill with $81.9 billion dedicated to help support educational institutions – including a $54.3 billion Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER), and a $1.3 billion Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER).

Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • What funding is available and the eligibility criteria
  • The school bus technologies districts can apply for ESSER and GEER grants for
  • What these technologies can mean to your school district today and how they can drive value beyond COVID-19


Eligible funds from ESSER and GEER could be used to help your school district invest in new technology to:

  • Make student contact tracing easier
  • Enable distance learning and mobile classrooms
  • Verify COVID-19 disinfection/vehicle inspections
  • Get better insight into onboard behavior

Safe Fleet technology solutions can be used as stand-alone solutions to help a school district respond to COVID-19. Each of these solutions can also be used in combination with other Safe Fleet safety systems or in the form of an integrated Connected School Bus for enhanced and rapid response to COVID-19 scenarios.

The Connected Bus

Video Surveillance

Distance Learning & Mobile Classrooms

Vehicle/COVID-19 Disinfection Inspections

Student Contact Tracing

Predictive Stop Arm™



Student Ridership & Vehicle Tracking

Parent Notifications

ESSER/GEER Funding can help fuel school bus technology upgrades.

Download your free whitepaper to learn how.

Download your free whitepaper