Record actual events for officer safety and public transparency

Your point of view matters. With the Mobile-Vision BWX-100™ body camera, you’ve got an unbiased eye documenting the critical moments of every situation. Automatically activate the body-worn camera to record based on pre-set conditions: in-car video, lights, sirens, and accelerated speeds.

Automated to work within your daily work flow.

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BWX-100 can be integrated with your Mobile-Vision Flashback HD in-car video system.


Make quick decisions thanks to clear-cut icons and legible text— no more deciphering LCD lights or learning extensive color coding.


Lights, sirens, and vehicle speeds can all activate the body camera to record once integrated with your Mobile-Vision in-car video system.

BWX-100 Features

  • Bidirectional Activation
    The in-car system activates the BWX-100; or the BWX-100 activates the in-car video system. Also, the BWX-100 can activate another BWX-100.
  • Clear LCD Text Display
    With no complicated LED Lights or codes to decipher, this officer-facing LCD screen clearly shows battery life, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, mute status, and recording status/mode. You can tag videos in the field and check on upload status too.
  • Wide-angle lens
    Even in low or harsh lighting conditions, never miss an important moment with a 129° horizontal FOV lens and a high dynamic range sensor.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
    Fully integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities allow live video review via Mobile App and bidirectional activation, helping officer efficiency in the field.
  • Full-Shift Recording
    Record up to 12 hours in HD with a single charge.
  • Mobile App Access
    Review and tag video content from the field with a few clicks – without the hassle of video data transfer or the risk of deleting critical evidence.

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