COBAN History

Located in Houston, TX, COBAN Technologies is a leading provider of state-of-the-art in-car video systems, body cameras, and evidence management solutions for law enforcement and public safety communities. Since 2002, COBAN has worked with many of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country to deliver efficient, configurable, and end-to-end scalable solutions. For more information, visit

COBAN was founded with the commitment to fulfill the video capture, transfer, storage, and management needs of law enforcement.
COBAN introduced the first ever all-in-one digital in-car video/mobile data computer at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference.
COBAN secures its first customer, Yakima Police Department, in partnership with IBM.
First IBM tape library ever utilized for video archive; largest tape library in the nation created for a police agency, Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.
COBAN wins its first major city, Seattle Police Department, with a first-in-industry multi-precinct system with wireless upload capability.
COBAN is awarded its first state contract, Washington State Police.
COBAN wins the 2nd largest police agency in the country for in-car video, Chicago Police Department.
COBAN wins the largest police agency in the country for in-car video, Los Angeles Police Department. First multi-petabyte law enforcement video data storage system created for LAPD.
COBAN debuts EDGE – the first in-car video in the industry with touchscreen, remote updates, and other key features.
COBAN introduces TITAN M7 – the first all-in-one system powerful enough to run multiple computer apps and video.
Seattle Police Department is the first major city to deploy the all-in-one TITAN M7 solution.
COBAN debuts FUSION – the first full-featured HD portable in-car video system in the industry.
COBAN designs and manufactures its first body-worn camera, ECHO.
COBAN introduces the FOCUS Digital Evidence Ecosystem and its second-generation body-worn camera, FOCUS X1.
COBAN unveils FOCUS H1 Intelligent In-Car Video at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference.
COBAN joins the Safe Fleet portfolio of brands.