Brands We Offer

Headquartered in Belton, MO, Safe Fleet owns a portfolio of brands committed to saving life and property, reducing accidents and improving employee efficiency and job satisfaction.


Our VISION is to build the leading global provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles.

We develop, manufacture and sell best in class high performance safety related products. Our products provide increased functionality and integrated solutions for fleet vehicle manufacturers and operators.

We target markets with increasing demand for operator, passenger, and pedestrian safety.

RVS Systems History

Started in 2007 by a young entrepreneur in Brooklyn, NY, RVS Systems has grown to be one of the most recognized players in vehicle safety solutions. With a focus on the commercial field, RVS Systems manufactures high-quality backup cameras, dash cameras, backup sensors, and DVR’s. We understand how important safety is, and our aim is to make the world’s roads as safe as possible.  For more information, please visit

Founded by Joseph Schechter in Brooklyn, NY
First backup camera contract with a Fortune 500 Company.
First contract with an OEM.
Debuts mirror style rear view monitor which quickly becomes the most sought after backup camera display in the RV market. The mirror monitor mounts instead of a rear view mirror freeing up room on the dash.
Expands service to Indiana to better cater to RV manufacturers.
Debuts MobileMule™ - a Mobile DVR series which comes with GPS tracking and live video remote viewing allowing managers to view camera feeds from vehicles even while they are on the road.
Acquired by Safe Fleet