ROM History

Since 1947, ROM has improved worker safety and productivity by introducing innovative products like roll up compartment doors, folding safety ramps, and automatic hose bed covers.  These solutions ensure that emergency responders and multi-temp route drivers work safely and efficiently.  To learn more, visit

Roll-O-Matic Chain Corporation began from humble beginnings in the suburbs of Kansas City in 1947, with its launch of a tire chain specifically designed for semi-trucks.
Through the mid-1960s, the company continued to introduce safety-related products for delivery drivers and dock personnel.
In the early 1980s, the company launched a highly aggressive, open-faced, walk ramp (industry 1st). The Roadwarrior design allowed multi-temp drivers to unload more safely and efficiently than solid-faced models.
In 1989, the company introduced the North American fire service to roll up doors, private labeled under the name Robinson Shutter (industry 1st).
In 1994, the company changed its name to ROM Corporation (a.k.a. ROM).
Acquired by a private equity firm in 2004, ROM successfully rode out the economic depression by delivering quality products and superior service (only manufacturer with a dedicated factory sales team).
In 2011, ROM begins acquiring product lines (carve outs) and companies.
July 2011, the first product line acquisition was the emergency scene lighting line purchased from Havis.
August 2011, ROM acquired its largest ramp competitor – Bustin.
2012, ROM purchases Prime Design – the leading manufacturer of hydraulic ladder racks for work trucks.
2013, ROM purchases Fire Research Corporation (FRC) and FoamPro solidifying its dominant market presence in the emergency service market.
During late 2013, the equity firm that owned ROM and its related brands, packaged it with three other fleet related brands – Specialty ManufacturingTraspec, and Pretoria.  Together, all eight brands were purchased by investment firm The Sterling Group, of Houston, TX.
In 2013, Safe Fleet is formed as the holding company for ROM and all other brands in the portfolio.