Prime Design History

Established in 1992, Prime Design, based in West Saint Paul, MN, is the leading innovator of roof storage solutions for fleet vehicles.  When loading a ladder, these solutions help reduce back and muscle strain while keeping feet safely on the ground.

Telecommunication workers, insurance estimators, general contractors, and other vehicle-based occupations rely on Prime Design to improve productivity and reduce Workers’ Compensation claims.  For more information, please visit

Founded in 1992 by Avi Levi (see Safe Fleet executive management) who understood that loading ladders on a van was a painful and dangerous experience.
In 1994, the company launches the first hydraulic ladder rack for vans called the ErgoRack (industry 1st). This horizontal ladder application reduces muscle pains and greatly improves driver safety.
As OEMs introduce taller van bodies and truck toppers, the need for deploying ladders safely from these applications becomes even greater.
In 2001, the company introduces a new solution – the inclined rotation to meet these taller applications (industry 1st).
By 2006, the company launched the 2nd generation of the ErgoRack design.
Starting in 2009, the company launched a 3rd generation ErgoRack with additional enhancements.
Also in 2009, the company launched a new line of cargo racks targeted for the European market.  The product, AluRack, launches in North America in 2010.
In 2012, Prime Design agrees to be acquired by R·O·M.
In late 2013, the equity firm that owns R·O·M and its other brands, sells to investment firm The Sterling Group, of Houston, TX.
In 2013, Safe Fleet is formed as the holding company for Prime Design and all other brands in the portfolio.
2014 marks the 4th generation ErgoRack design, as well as, the company’s new expanded cargo rack offering for pick-up trucks – Professional Truck Rack.