FRC History

Fire Research Corp. (FRC), founded in 1968 and headquartered in Nesconset, NY, develops, manufactures and markets a full portfolio of fire safety equipment including LED and halogen scene lighting, pressure governors and controls, instrument displays, and fire station accessories.  The company’s paddlewheel flow sensor technology is the most widely adopted in the fire industry.  For more information please visit

Founded in 1968 by Jack McLouglihn, a volunteer fire fighter.
In 1969, the company becomes a trend setter by launching an electronic pressure governor allowing firefighters to control the pump’s engine in order to supply a consistent amount of water pressure (industry 1st).
In 1970, the company markets a completely electronic pump panel.  A later enhancement, allowing the fire fighter to control the pump panel via remote control (industry 1st).
By the late 1970s, FRC continues its commitment to fire fighter safety by launching pole mounted scene lights and a manual mast light tower (both industry 1st).
During the early 1980s, the company co-operatively markets thermal imaging cameras to the North American fire service (industry 1st).
1982, Toh Meng (see Safe Fleet executive management), is hired as an electrical engineer.
By the early1990s, the company has developed a full portfolio of proprietary scene lights enabling fire fighters to work safely at night.
Early 2013, FRC agrees to be acquired by R·O·M.
July 2013, R·O·M relocates its scene lighting production from Missouri to FRC in New York, providing enhanced customer service and single point-of-contact ordering.
In late 2013, the equity firm that owned FRC sells it and its other brands, to investment firm The Sterling Group, of Houston, TX.
During this same year, the Safe Fleet holding company is formed and becomes the parent company of FRC and its other brands.
In its first acquisition, Safe Fleet purchases FoamPro late 2013 and then relocates the production facility from Minnesota to New York.